Scentia Consulting is an independent multi-jurisdictional service provider of compliance solutions. Our local and international expertise, accessibility and quality services are what makes Scentia Consulting the preferred Compliance partner in Mauritius and abroad.

Proven Track Record

Our team has worked with top 100 companies in Mauritius including multi-nationals and conglomerates, regulated financial institutions and DNFBPs in the United Arab Emirates, regulated financial institutions in Seychelles, Cayman Islands and Luxembourg to name a few. We have experience in handling compliance governance, risk and compliance matters in several legal and regulatory environments.

Worldwide expertise

Worked with top 100 companies


We are a full-fledged compliance firm providing a comprehensive suite of compliance services to Financial Institutions and DNFBPs which includes Law Firms, Real Estate Professionals and Corporate Service Providers among others.

  • Independent AML/CFT Audit
  • Implementing AML/CFT Programs as per international standards including AML/CFT Monitoring and Testing Program, Audit Programs etc
  • Implementing and Reviewing AML/CFT Framework
  • AML/CFT Compliance Support
  • AML Business Risk Assessment
  • Data Protection Audit
  • Design and Implementation of Data Protection Compliance Framework
  • Acting as Outsourced Data Protection Officer
  • Implementation of a Data Protection Monitoring Program
  • Support to in-house Data Protection Officer
  • Implementation of Record of Processing Activities
  • Independent Investment Compliance Audit
  • Ongoing Monitoring of Investment Compliance
  • Design and Implementation of Business Integrity Framework
  • Implementation of FATCA and/or CRS Framework (including a compliance manual, policies, procedures and processes)
  • Assistance with due diligence exercise
  • Classification of entities for FATCA and CRS purposes
  • Assistance with queries received from a FATCA and CRS nature
  • Assistance with Reporting
  • Tailor-made inhouse training based on your requirements
  • Coaching sessions for junior compliance professionals
  • On the job training of specific policies and procedures
  • Regulatory Health Check
  • Design and Implementation of Regulatory Compliance Framework (Regulatory Compliance Manual, Policies, Procedures and Processes in line with the specific license, regulatory regime and business activity of the client)
  • Implementation of a Regulatory Compliance Monitoring and Testing Framework
  • Assistance to in-house compliance officer for regulatory matter
  • Acting as Risk Officer and ensure monitoring of the risk management framework ongoingly
  • Implement a Risk Management Framework
  • Assist in the identification of risks, implementation of control measures and ongoing monitoring and reporting


#Crypto Compliance Insights
What is Chain Hopping?
Chain Hopping
Chain Hopping is the process of converting one form of cryptocurrency to another and therefore moving from one blockchain to another, often in a very short period of time.
How may criminals use this?
Criminals may use this layering technique to obfuscate the trail of cryptocurrency by shifting the transaction from one blockchain to another. They will try to move funds quickly to and from multiple cryptocurrencies. During the process, they may also make use of so-called privacy coins or decentralized exchanges.
Tracing Cryptocurrencies
There are sophisticated cross-chain analytics tools which have been developed to combat the effectiveness of chain hopping. These tools help to trace transactions and movements of funds across blockchains.
How can we help?
• Prepare and submit their VASP regulatory application
• Design and implement adequate Crypto-Compliance Framework
• Connect with our network of local and international partners to establish the whole VASP ecosystem
• Handle queries from regulators
#Crypto Compliance Insights
What are Cryptocurrency Mixers?
Cryptocurrency Mixer
A Cryptocurrency Mixer operates a process which breaks the on-chain link between the source and destination address for a transaction. Basically, this is done by pooling (and mixing) your cryptocurrency with others and then sending it to an address of your choice minus a small percentage fee. This makes it extremely difficult to link a deposit of cryptocurrency made to the Mixer to the withdrawal and therefore ensures utmost privacy.
Centralized v/s Decentralized
A centralized mixer works in the form of a service provided by a third party service provider. These are typically service providers accepting your cryptocurrency and sending back different coins for a fee. Decentralized mixers use protocols to obscure transactions via either a coordinated or peer-to-peer method. There is no third party intermediary involved in the process.
How may criminals use them?
The use of cryptocurrency mixers is a common technique for criminals to obscure transactional histories on the blockchain. It may therefore become extremely difficult to identify transactions originating from a potential illegal source.
Are mixers illegal?
While the blockchain is public by nature, transactions still maintain some privacy unless someone can link a person to a crypto wallet address. In such a case, it will be easy to follow all transactions and movements of funds in or from the wallet. Bearing in mind the above, persons or businesses who want to enhance their privacy may make use of mixers. Fundamentally, mixers are not illegal but this may depend on laws of specific jurisdictions.
How can we help?
• Prepare and submit their VASP regulatory application
• Design and implement adequate Crypto-Compliance Framework
• Connect with our network of local and international partners to establish the whole VASP ecosystem
• Handle queries from regulators


A budding and self-motivated technology company, Cybernaptics specializes in providing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) support services, Software Development, IT Consulting and Data and Telecommunications Infrastructure support.

Cyberskills is an IT training institution providing Technology-related trainings, IT certifications and on-demand trainings to individuals and companies.

Pronumeris  is a leading expert partner and exclusive provider of Professional Training Solutions operating in Mauritius since 2016 in Asia & Africa. Our trainers are expert professional practitioners specializing in providing unique professional training in their field of competence, be it in-house tailor-made or public trainings, either face to face or online in the following fields :

-Global Business, Offshore fiduciary services
-Finance, Accounting & Taxation
-Corporate Secretarial
-Soft Skills (Management, Leadership, Marketing, Coaching…)

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